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We can sure up these three programs by doing as described under Fair Taxation.

If each individual States decides to go to the Coop Style Health insurance, there will be no need for Medicare, or Medicaid any Longer as in the Coop Style insurance Programs the States can make sure that Seniors are covered at no cost to them for services and Medications.  I mean no Cost.  Also, if the States adopt the coop style Insurance then everyone will be covered by the same provider and have the same coverage that resides in that State.

We will still pay into S.S. through our Paychecks, and we will have the option of increasing the amount we pay in over and above the mandatory amount.  We will create a bill making S.S. off limits to Government borrowing for any reason.  The Government should have never had the right to touch it to begin with as that is a form of stealing from the Taxpayers.

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